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QFX10002 System with 72-Port 40G QSFP+ / 24-Port 100G QSFP28 / 288-Port 10G SFP+ with 4 x 1600W AC Power Supplies and 2 x 32GB SSD.  QFX10002-72Q has up to 5.76 Tbps of throughput and 2 Bpps of forwarding capacity.  The routing engine has a 2.5 GHz quad core Intel CPU and 16 GB SDRAM.

QFX10002 data center switches are part of the QFX10000 line of aggregation and spine switches that provide the flexibility of 10-Gbps, 40-Gbps and 100-Gbps port speeds in a 2 U fixed configuration.

QFX10002 uses its deep buffer HMC (Hybrid Memory Cube) technology to absorb network traffic spikes in order to combat application latency.  Deep buffers are important at the edge of data center networks where typically there is a speed mismatch between WAN-facing interfaces and data center-facing interfaces.

The switch can be utilized universally in a data center, data center interconnect or data center edge because of its high logical scale.  It enables cloud providers to collapse multiple layer in the network (spine and data center interconnect) that offer capital and operational expenditure saving.  QFX10002 also saves on power with an optimized power profile per 100 Gigabit Ethernet.

The system architecture cleanly separates control operations from packet forwarding operations and thus, eliminating processing and traffic bottlenecks to achieve higher performance.

QFX10002 Routing Engine runs JUNOS and performs control operations by handling routing protocols, traffic engineering, policy, policing, monitoring and configuration management.

Packet Forwarding Engine in the QFX10002 performs forwarding operations, which include custom ASICs.  The Q5 ASICs enable the switchto provide up to 5.76 terabits per second.   The Q5 ASICs are connected to HMCs (Hybrid Memory Cubes).   These high-efficiency memory modules provide packet buffering, VOQ (Virtual Output Queue) memory and improved logical system scale.

For 220 VAC power, connect power source feed A to power supplies 0 or 1 and connect power source feed B to power supplies 2 or 3. The remaining slots should be covered with a power supply blank cover.  For 110 VAC power, connect power source feed A to power supplies 0 and 1 and connect power source feed B to power supplies 2 and 3.


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